Rhyddical postponed

We were planning to hold Rhyddical on Saturday 13 October – in less than a month’s time. But this week one of our main organisers has had to step out of the project, and so we have taken the decision to postpone the event for now. We hope to secure a new date in 2019, and will post more details as soon as they’re available.

Rhyddical – what’s in a name?

Since we first got excited about the possibility of holding a bookfair in Swansea, we’ve been trying to figure out the best way to talk about it and describe what we’re trying to achieve. We’ve been inspired by the vibrancy and cross-fertilisation engendered by anarchist bookfairs from London to Liverpool and closer to home in Bristol and Cardiff. We also have a strong commitment to workers’ rights, with many of the organising group involved in grassroots labour organising or linked to co-operative networks.

But while we maintain our commitment to achieving progressive social change outside of the structures of capitalism, we also want to be as broad and inclusive as possible, trying to reach beyond the ‘usual suspects’ to those who might be put off by terms like ‘anarchist’. So until recently we were using the descriptor ‘radical’ and adopted the portmanteau ‘rhyddical’ (from the Welsh word rhyddid, meaning freedom or liberty) as a name for the event.

But as we started talking to people about the project, it became clear that the term ‘radical’ wasn’t working for everyone. In particular, we heard how the idea of “radicalisation” has become unavoidably associated with terrorism and extremism thanks to the narratives of the right-wing media and policies like the government’s Prevent programme, which has stigmatised the Muslim community to the extent that many members would feel unable to attend or get involved an event that labelled itself ‘radical’.

The fact that this wasn’t immediately apparent reflects our own privileges within the organising group – something that we are reflecting on, and seek to change. In the meantime, we are describing the event as ‘Rhyddical – Swansea’s bookfair for social change’, and trying to give people a flavour of the event through examples of the groups that will be running stalls and workshops on the day.

We would love more people to get involved in the event from across our community, especially groups that are marginalised or lack the privileges some of us enjoy, so please get in touch if you’d like to get involved or have suggestions for how we can make the event more inclusive. You can find more information about accessibility and a link to our safer spaces policy here.

Fri 24 Aug: Stereo Graffiti

Stereo Graffiti

This Friday 24 August is our first benefit gig to raise funds and awareness about the bookfair. Join us from 7pm at Creature Sound, 1 Bethesda St, SA1 2EU. Suggested donation: £3.50. Full details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/242647923235086/

Why are we fundraising? We want to try and ensure that no one is excluded from participating in the bookfair, so entry will by donation and there is no charge for grassroots groups – but we still need funds to make the event happen! We plan to use some of the money raised for a solidarity fund to cover travel costs for groups/activists who would be unable to make it to the bookfair otherwise.

So please help us spread the word about the benefit, and bring your friends along on the night.

There’ll be another fundraiser on Friday 21th September – more details to come but get it in your diary now!

Welcome To Rhyddical

Rhyddical is a not for profit and community lead event the aims to provide and educational and creative platform for the people of Swansea.

It will be held between The Volcano Theatre and Creature Sound on October the 13th with a Skate Competition and mini stalls at Exist the next day.

Rooted in Anarchism and worker rights the bookfair aims to provide a broad forum for personal empowerment and encourage us all to look at the society are us and ask what it is that we can do to Improve it? The bookfair will contain a series of stalls from various activist groups and independent presses as well as a series of workshops and talks on topics as varied as the protection of whales to the situation in Rojavi.

Both days will be capped of by music events at Creature Sound featuring some of the best Welsh bands.

Entry to all events will be on a pay as you feel basis and any profit will go towards the next bookfair and a charitable cause.

This Webspace is very very new, so please bare with us while we making it all beautiful.

Our Facebook page is :-

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